Fire Cabinet
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Different choices for fire cabinets are included in our rich product range. According to the regulations, fire cabinets which must be kept in public life and shopping centers, workshops and workplaces can have various features. Fire cabinets, which are generally used to see in red, are made of highly durable materials with glass lid-hair lid, tube-eyed-tube eyed options.

In case of emergency, extinguishing, evacuation and first aid teams are the biggest helpers of the fire cabinets periodic maintenance of the order is done as long as the life is. Fire cabinets can be used for a long time with fire resistant paint, resistant rubber hose, spool body made of stainless brass and guarantee of sealing.

Fire Cabinets should be located at central points where rapid access can be made during a possible fire and should be capable of protecting and controlling according to the predetermined severity of the fire.


Where is it obligatory?

As stated in Article 94 of the Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings;
• On floors exceeding 60 m,
• In high buildings,
• In the workshop, workshop, warehouse, accommodation, health, gathering and training buildings with a total indoor usage area of ​​more than 1000 m2,
• In parking garages whose total area is more than 600 m2,
• Fire cabinets must be built in boiler rooms with a thermal capacity of more than 350 kW.

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