Question: Why do some fuels burn easier and some more difficult?

Answer: Fuel solutions such as oil or other chemicals burn more easily because such solutions are easier to evaporate and start burning when the required temperature is available.


Question: How does fire emerge?

Answer: A fire is formed when the heat required for the fuel to be converted into steam and mixed with oxygen is formed and is a means of temperature, and chain reactions are required for the formation of the fire and when the fuel is exhausted the fire extinguishes.


Question: What should I do after receiving the fire extinguishers?

Answer: The places where the fire extinguishing devices are located should be marked, the number should be marked on them, the layout project showing the fire materials should be prepared and it is recommended to hang them in certain places within the enterprise. It is recommended to open the doors of fire cabinets and fire extinguishers throughout the enterprise and not to stack them in front of these materials.


Question: How should I install fire extinguishers in my company?

Answer: Fire extinguishers are divided according to the class and type of fire to be extinguished.


Question: Is it necessary to install fire extinguishers?

Answer: According to the fire regulations, fire extinguishers should be installed approximately 90 cm above the ground at waist level. This height is the best sighted distance determined at the time of fire.


Question: Should I have fire training for our company personnel?

Answer: According to the fire regulations, a fire team should be established and trained in all enterprises with 50 employees.


Question: Do I need to buy any material for the fire crew?

Answer: In accordance with the fire regulations, you should always wear clothes, gloves, masks, helmets, boots and so on. protective equipment.

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