New, Clean and Ecological
Inside the new generation of fire extinguishers, there is a brand new product that can be used to create effective fire protection systems. Meet our aerosol fire extinguishers with strong fire extinguishing performance, completely environmentally friendly, economical, containing potassium salts in solid form, harmless to health, which can be used without the need for pressure vessels and full sealing.


How does an aerosol extinguisher work?

If we want to make a short definition of the word aerosol; It can be said that it is a multi-phase system which is formed by dispersing very small solid or liquid particles under a gas medium. This multiphase system is suspended in the volume it is in and fills that volume without collapsing for long periods of time. The metal carrier bodies of aerosol fire extinguishers comprise solid material compositions which are produced using alkali metal salts in solid form and various excipients and compressed into tablets. In the event of a fire, the tablets of this solid composition in the aerosol extinguishers are activated automatically or manually by the fire detection system with the trigger on the extinguisher and a redox (reduction-oxidation) reaction begins in the tablet composition. The composition which forms the structure of the tablets produces a multiphase fire-extinguishing mist cloud containing potassium carbonate and bicarbonates (average 2 microns in size), water vapor, carbon dioxide and dense nitrogen. This multiphase fog cloud extinguishes fire quickly and very effectively by both physical (cooling effect) and chemical (the effect of binding to and removing free radicals, the products of the fire reaction).

Aerosol extinguishers are the most effective and cost-effective alternative to Novec 1230 and FM200 extinguishing systems, which are used instead of Halon gas extinguishers.


Flammable Substances and Fire Classes Suitable for Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Systems
Our aerosol extinguishers are suitable for fighting fires in confined spaces that are at risk from the presence of

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