Fire Doors
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Fire Doors; They are the doors that will prevent the fire and its effects for the specified period in order to save time for the safe evacuation of people during the fire. It is the most important part of passive fire protection systems. The fire escape stairs used for evacuating the structure are separated by the fire door. At the same time, areas such as substations, fog centers and kitchens that are at critical risk are separated by fire doors.

Technicial Specifications

Steel Plate Coated, Safe and Wing
Case Metal Parts; 1,2 mm DKP Sheet
Wing Metal Parts; 1,0 mm DKP Sheet
Inside 50mm Rockwool Insulation Material
Aluminum Bed Bristle Brush for Insulation Under Wing
Door Leaf Thickness 55mm
2 Certificated Spring Hinges
Project-Based Adjustable Chassis or Single Side Enclosure Chassis
Cold and Hot Intumescent Smoke Wicks
Easy Certified Panic Bar System
Electrostatic Powder Coating with 230 degree Temperature Oven Paint
RAL Paint Color Options
Manufacturing in desired dimensions

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