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Fire Extinguishing Ball is a revolution in fire extinguishing technology. It is activated automatically when it comes into contact with fire and with this feature it gives much simpler and faster results than other techniques used in fire extinguishing.

As is known, in the event of a real fire, people often panic and be surprised, but both the ease of use and lightness of the fire-fighting ball allow people to quickly and accurately use the correct and effective method in this panic environment.

It effectively extinguishes the fire within 3-5 seconds from the moment the ball comes into contact with the fire. At the same time, an audible sound system emits an alarm during activation to alert people to a potential hazard. The automatic fire extinguisher has many advantages over other conventional fire extinguishing techniques.
* Does not harm the environment:

Does not harm the environment at the time of explosion.


Fire Extinguisher The self-activating ball extinguishes the fire within 3 seconds from the moment it contacts the fire.


As soon as the fire extinguisher is activated, it emits an audible sound (138 decibels), alerting people to alarm.


The approximate weight of the ball is 1.3 kg; suitable for transport and use by women, children and even the elderly.

 *Ease of Use:

Simply throw the ball into the fire or into the area at risk of fire. There is no need for any complicated description to cause confusion.

 * Automatic Fire Extinguishing System:

The Fire Extinguisher can be used manually in case of fire, or extinguishes the fire automatically in 3-5 seconds when it comes into contact with the flame during the fire without the need of manpower.

 * Fast and effective result:

It gives an accurate result within 3-5 seconds from the moment the ball comes into contact with the fire.

* Safety:

Since there is no need to approach the fire, it prevents the user from being damaged by fire or heavy smoke.

 * Cost-free maintenance:

Automatic Fire Extinguisher Cannon is ready for use for 5 years. Since it does not require any periodic maintenance, it saves technical service (filling and maintenance) expenses.

*Lower costs:

Very low cost compared to alternative fire fighting equipment.

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